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Melina Marks is a 17 year old high school student from Norfolk Virginia who is working at her parents cafe, Popacuchu, in Cuenca.

An expat teenager discovers the joy of learning new languages and cultures

By Melina Marks |

By Melina Marks Sometimes, our greatest interests are not discovered until a life-changing event makes us notice them. Some people are good at math, others are exceptional at science. Some, like me, who aren’t too  … Read more

The choice for expat parents: Online home school vs. bricks and mortar school

By Melina Marks |

By Melina Marks For English-speakers thinking about moving overseas with kids, school is an extremely important factor to consider. If the new destination is a place like England or Ireland, school really shouldn’t be an  … Read more

Catcalling in Cuenca: Worse here than in the U.S. but not welcome anywhere

By Melina Marks |

By Melina Marks Catcalling is known by women all over the world, but what is it like here in Cuenca? From my experiences, catcalling here is much more aggressive than in the States. In the  … Read more

A U.S. teenager looks back on her dread of relocating to Cuenca from Virginia and explains why today she counts her blessings that she did

By Melina Marks |

By Melina Marks I believe in many things, but one of my highest beliefs is in the value of change. I believe that we cannot grow, we cannot learn, and we cannot become who we  … Read more