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Ecuador is cautiously optimistic about relations with the Trump administration

Correa claims success for his ‘Citizen’s Revolution,’ says economy is recovering

Domingo, 15/1/2017: Landslides close roads, Hotel planned for convent, Traffic controls, New tram tracks to be installed

Earthquakes rattle north and south coast

UN praises Ecuador’s new immigration law, calls it a model for the rest of the world

Viernes, 13/1/2017: Heavy rains cause flooding, Brief history of Cuenca newspapers, Classes at Senior U., More Bienal exhibits

Jueves, 12/1/2017: High water triggers bridge collapse, Opera, Tram awaits contract resolution, Illegal slaughterhouse

Ecuador’s environmental ministry rejects request to dissolve Acción Ecológica

Ecuadorian products using trademarked European names ordered to change labeling

Let there be blood: Fight Night America event features combatants in the ‘octagon’

Miércoles 11/1/2017: Criminal gangs dismantled, Ecuador returns to bond market, Bienal exhibits, Lower liquor prices

Another strong quake rocks north coast