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Julian Assange Slobowski: Complaints by Ecuadorian London embassy staff grow over messy, disruptive houseguest

Municipal councilman threatens suit against the builder of a Cajas housing project

Jueves, 27/4/2017: Date set for San Francisco Plaza work, Expat’s murder, Drug bust, Venezuela update

Moreno faces challenge of squaring economic reality with campaign promises

Miércoles, 26/4/2017: Group demands tram answers, French disco band, Parking app, Anti-Graffiti program, New restaurant

Obesity ‘epidemic’ in Mexico, Ecuador, and Chile could cost billions in health care

Ecuador’s debt is much higher than officially reported, government sources show

Panama is the latest expat destination to tighten immigration rules

Martes, 25/4/2017: Remigio Crespo Museum reopens, Underemployment, Tram critique

Legacy of Northern Irish nun killed in earthquake is recalled a year later

Court rejects Lasso appeal to nullify election; says recount proved legitimacy of vote

Lunes, 24/4/2017: May Day march, Museum Day, Election winners get credentials