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Manhattan gold thief nabbed in Guayaquil

Presidential race appears headed for a run-off, two new polls indicate

Jueves, 19/1/2017: Bienal tour, AG goes to U.S. for Odebrecht information, San Fran vendors don’t like kiosks, Speed traps

Miércoles, 18/1/2017: French music festival, On-line tax deductions, Alimony and child support, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

Opposition candidates complain to OAS about election computer system

City officially terminates tranvía contract with Spanish consortium

Martes, 17/1/2017: San Francisco Plaza construction bids received, Sacred geography, Cock fighting protest

Latin Americans don’t think much of the quality of public services they receive

Unemployment rate edges up in 2016 but under-employment rises sharply

Youth leaders say they feel left out of political process, press Assembly, presidential candidates for changes

Ecuador’s move from analog to digital tv delayed due to poor public information

Lunes, 16/1/2017: CIDAP crafts festival, Water contamination in Paute, Political debate, Tuesday’s French movie