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Viernes, 23/6/2017: Businesses oppose pedestrianization, Tranvía work expands, Mary Magdalene erased, Hearing exams

Britain may be looking for a way to end Julian Assange’s stay at the Ecuador embassy

Ecuador is the world’s most ‘emotional’ country; it ranks 6th as the most positive

Jueves, 22/6/2017: Solstice festival in Parque Calderon, World Yoga Day, IESS, Electric meters, Medicinal plants

Correa files complaint against journalist for ‘uttering expressions of dishonor’

National Assembly session turns rowdy when VP Glas talks about Odebrecht scandal

Miércoles, 21/6/2017: Solstice celebration, Odebrecht corruption case, Imports increase 70%, Hernán Illescas exhibit, Bus cards

Moreno launches ‘national dialog’ in Guayaquil, meets with political opponents

Martes, 20/6/2017: Tram fare study, Korean movies, Orchid show, Bus driver killed near Guayaquil, Taxi app, National dance troupe

Facebook removes post by Ex-President Correa for violation of website rules

National customs service announces new airport luggage inspection system

San Francisco Plaza merchants wait for city to finish temporary sales kiosks