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Correa claims that debt has built national stability and should not be ‘demonized’

Presidential ‘dialog’ cancelled as Lasso rejects last-minute condition by teachers’ network

Some blame North American scientists for not helping to control the Zika virus, others blame the Latin American research culture

Police rescue 22 orphaned cats after the death of Quito caveman

Cuenca to study a cross-city bike path

Viernes, 24/2/2017: Vote for Cuenca! New sidewalks, Noise complaints, Ibsen’s ‘Ghosts’

‘Ecuador for Ecuadorians’: Lasso says he would tighten country’s immigration policies

San Francsico Plaza work begins in April

Jueves, 23/3/2017: Rain washes out roads, Transvia land transfer, Video uproar, Cuenca fiestas, French band at the Scure

New snake species from the ‘underworld’ discovered in Esmeraldas Province

Recommendation for new city bus fares will be announced in April

Gringo prices, viveza criolla, and how to survive economically in the Latin culture