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Dave Nelson

David Nelson, spent 30 years growing up and getting educated in Oregon before moving to the Oakland, California and the East Bay area, where he practiced worker’s compensation law, representing injured workers, for 40 years. When he retired from his legal practice, he worked another nine years as a part-time gardener before moving to Cuenca.

Notes on vision, unusual weather, and a nasty election in another country

By Dave Nelson |

I have learned that the improvement in the vision of the left eye is not on an unbroken linear upward line but can regress a bit which is no cause for concern, my doctor reassured  … Read more

An expat overcomes difficult times and looks forward to better times ahead

By Dave Nelson |

Life is having its way with me lately, which is to say that it has been an interesting and difficult two months. In late August, following my cataract surgery, vision in my cleaned out left  … Read more

Adventures in Cuenca eye surgery and a delayed trip back to the States

By Dave Nelson |

On July 18, I was fresh from cataract and lens replacement surgery on both eyes, very happy with not needing glasses any more, getting ready to leave for the States on the 24th to visit  … Read more

A paean to Cuenca and then a tooth ache

By Dave Nelson |

It may not seem like it to a younger extrovert but for this older introvert there is a very special flow to life in Cuenca. I am coming out from two or three month long  … Read more

Another case of gout, a brush with a taxi, and the joy of a child’s birthday

By Dave Nelson |

April 16th dawned with a severe case of gout in the last joint in each of my right ring and left index fingers. Very swollen, very red, very sensitive, and very painful and it did  … Read more

Expat notes on Cuenca’s foundation holiday, orchids, and the ‘why am I here’ question

By Dave Nelson |

Another celebration has come and gone. It is seen as the founding of Cuenca but in reality it was the renaming of this city by the Spanish on April 12, 1557. The city had been  … Read more

Why do we think the world is falling apart when so much of the news is good?

By Dave Nelson |

How do you see the world? I am paraphrasing an article in the Christian Science Monitor saying that 2015 was a lousy year with the news being a nonstop stream of terrorism, injustice, grieving, burying,  … Read more

An expat plans a trip to the U.S. and shares his thoughts on the death of Justice Scalia

By Dave Nelson |

Off to the States. Not until July but I have decided, so it shall come to pass. Unless, of course, it doesn’t. I have gotten very comfortable in Cuenca and the thought of traveling back  … Read more

I discover that Cuenca remains a very formal society and my Spanish progresses, poco a poco

By Dave Nelson |

Some great news, at least for me. I really love my little apartment on the river and with the lease expiring in June I have been worrying about being able to find something that will  … Read more

Holiday cheer in a small, rural town and and a New Year’s lesson learned

By Dave Nelson |

Maria, the receptionist at Carolina Bookstore who will soon be graduating from the university, is an indigenous woman who grew up in a very poor town south of Cuenca. Every Christmas, to give back to  … Read more

Christmas in Cuenca … and an expat says ‘I am filled with gratefulness’

By Dave Nelson |

Gout gets me again. I had a recurrence of gout pains in several joints in late November to the extent that I needed Tom to come over and get some groceries for my empty refrigerator.  … Read more

An expat’s joy for living returns after a spate of physical ailments

By Dave Nelson |

By Dave Nelson I don’t think that bodily ailments are generally a fit subject for exposition. They come on, last a few days or a week or two and with some treatment and/or patience they  … Read more

An expat’s notes from Cuenca: An earthquake, drought, and a pain in the foot

By Dave Nelson |

By Dave Nelson On Thursday morning I was awakened with a jolt at 5:07 a.m. by an earthquake. It was very sharp and short, with the bed shaking for about five seconds. It was centered  … Read more

You’re never too old to learn a hard lesson

By Dave Nelson |

By Dave Nelson What a great night!!! A few weeks ago Tom suggested El Nopal, a Mexican restaurant, for our Friday night dinner. I like Mexican food, haven’t had any since moving here, so overcame  … Read more

An expat struggles to pick up the subtle clues of good Ecuadorian behavior

By Dave Nelson |

By Dave Nelson I’m in trouble and don’t know it. I have never been adept (the word hopeless has been used) at picking up the subtle clues and nuances in conversations and behavior. For instance,  … Read more

A Sunday river walk: New friends and old, and checking on the wine delivery

By Dave Nelson |

By Dave Nelson When I take my Sunday walk on the Tomebamba River, it is not unusual to see people I know or to spend a bit of time talking to someone I don’t. But  … Read more

Four years in Cuenca: An expat looks back on his decision to leave the U.S. and sizes up his new home, its people, its pace, and the joys he discovers every day

By Dave Nelson |

Editor’s note: CuencaHighLife’s newest columnist, Dave Nelson, spent 30 years growing up and getting educated in Oregon before moving to the Oakland, California and the East Bay area, where he practiced worker’s compensation law, representing  … Read more