A new study shows that 69% of homes in Cuenca are owned by their occupants. It is the highest rate of home ownership in Ecuador, according to the Ministry of Social Inclusion. The study, which is intended to provide information to government planners, also showed that 86% of residential dwellin... [More]

Latin American author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1982, died Thursday. He was 87. Garcia Marquez, the master of a style known as magic realism, was and remains Latin America's best-known writer. His novels were filled with miraculous and enchanting event... [More]

Latin America is the world's most violent region, accounting for nearly one in three global homicides, according to data from a new study by the United Nations. Latin America racked up some 134,519 homicides in 2012, about 31% of the total for that year, according to a tally by The Wall St... [More]

The number of tourists visiting Cuenca has risen 276% since 2008, the highest rate of growth in Ecuador. Patricio Miller, president of the Azuay Chamber of Tourism, says the increase is due in large part to strong promotional campaigns by several government agencies. He also says that internation... [More]

By Alyson Penn "Tell me, what is your favorite brand of watches? Your favorite brand of chocolate? Your favorite brand of champagne?" "Now, what is your favorite brand of roses?" It is with these questions that Alejandro Henao piqued my interest when introducing me to ... [More]

Editor's note: Cuenca's Easter soup, fanesca, is considered by many to be the best in Latin America and it is a tradition among Cuencanos to have at least one bowl of it during Holy Week. It is considered so good, in fact, that it was the cover story for New Yorker magazine in 2005. Althou... [More]

Ecuador Environmentalists say they have collected enough signatures to force a referendum on the question of whether the Yasuní National Park in the Amazon should be opened to further oil exploration. They ay 755,147 people had signed the petition for a national vote, well above the 585,... [More]

Cuenca’s Foundation Holidays kicked off officially Thursday night with a parade on Av. Loja. Police estimate that about 10,000 turned out for the event. The holidays mark the 457th anniversary of Cuenca’s founding by the Spanish. In November, there’s an even larger celebration... [More]

Editor’s note: The follow is an op-ed article Ecuador President Rafael Correa wrote for the Boston Globe. The article was entitled ‘Real freedom requires justice’ appeared in Wednesday’s edition of the Globe. By Rafael Correa To understand what is happening political... [More]

In a speech that echoed an op-ed article published Wednesday in the Boston Globe, Ecuador President Rafael Correa told an audience at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Wednesday night that the economic situation in Ecuador has improved rapidly over the last few years, but is still inhibited by economi... [More]

Cuenca taxi owners and unions have been granted a 51-day extension for the installation and use of taxi meters. They had originally demanded 90 days. Under a new scheduled announced yesterday meters must be in use in all of Cuenca’s 3,600 taxis by May 31. Police will begin ticketing those no... [More]

After the announcement last July that the Ecuador would end its LP gas subsidy, the government has emphasized the advantages of electricity over gas. It will be more efficient, save lives and cause less harm to the environment, the government has said. President Rafael Correa and Energy Ministe... [More]

Latin America is not taking the new global agreement to limit mercury emissions seriously say a number of environmental advocates. After the European Union banned exports of mercury in 2011 and the United States did so in 2013, trade in the metal shot up in the region. “Mexico’s ... [More]

Members of the transition team for Mayor-elect Marcelo Cabrera say they are not getting the contracts and technical reports they have requested from the administration of out-going Cuenca Mayor Paul Granda. Esteban Bernal, who heads the team of incoming adminstrators says that media reports iss... [More]

Latin American cities may be diverse but they hold one similarity: the speed and scale of urbanization they are facing. Distinct from developed countries, where urbanization has historically occurred gradually, major cities in this region have experienced explosive growth in recent decades. The... [More]

Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano has spewed a 6-mile column of ash after a powerful, five-minute explosion that shot pyroclastic material onto its northern and northwestern flanks. Ecuador's geophysics institute said Friday's blast occurred at 6:10 p.m. local time and was followed by a ... [More]

On April 1, Chinese defense officials converged at La Paz, Bolivia, for a grand ceremony to deliver the ground station for a Chinese-launched communications satellite. Chinese officials represented the state-owned Great Wall Industry Corp. of China, and the system was delivered to the Bolivian ... [More]

Four Chinese technicians died Monday night in an explosion while building a hydroelectric plant 40 miles east of Cuenca. The victims were explosives experts working on the Chinese-financed Sopladora plant, a project manager at the plant site said. "These people were working on the expan... [More]

On the morning of August 8, 2013, Charles and Kathleen Barrett were preparing to leave Colorado for the return trip to Cuenca following the recent wedding of their daughter. Charles was leaving from the Denver airport while Kathleen was flying out of Grand Junction, where she had been visiting her... [More]

The idea to get into the bagel business came to Rich Westcott very early one morning, after he had been reading about food. “Because I used to works nights, I developed strange sleeping habits and one morning about 3 or 4, I realized that what Cuenca needed is a good bagel.” More th... [More]

In announcing a new international tourism campaign, Ecuador Tourism Minister Vinicio Alvarado said that tourism grew at an 18% rate in the first quarter of 2014 following 12% growth in 2013. Tourism generated more than $1.5 billion for the economy. "We are just around the corner from beco... [More]

La Universidad Nacional de Educación (UNAE) in Azogues, 18 miles north of Cuenca, opens today for classes. The new university is one of four national specialty universities that the Ministry of Education hopes will transform Ecuador’s educational system. UNAE is dedicated to improving... [More]

As they do every year, a small group of family and friends gathered last week on the banks of the Paute River to remember those killed 21 years ago in what has become known simply as the Josefina disaster, a giant landslide that blocked Rio Paute and flooded the northeast suburbs of Cuenca. ... [More]

Rafael Correa is furious about the hack of his Twitter account and promises a thorough investigation. He claims that the right-wing political group Anonymous was behind the three-hour take-over of his account. “The attack was carried out by extreme right elements of certain foreign countr... [More]

By Frances Robles Two fugitive brothers from Ecuador, whose relatives have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to American political campaigns, have been investigated by the Department of Homeland Security to determine whether any of the millions the men were accused of pilfering in ... [More]