Ecuador is recovering pieces of its history. Sebastián González, who heads a commission charged with recovering illegally obtained Ecuadorian archaeological objects, many of them in foreign museums, says that 10,000 pieces from several countries have been returned in the last two ... [More]

By Karen Hinton Prediction: Chevron will lose the historic Ecuador pollution case on both the law and the facts, despite what you may have read in articles by U.S. legal reporters about the 20-year plus lawsuit. In fact, you may think the Ecuadorians have lost already. They haven... [More]

Cuenca cell phone manufacturer Hipertronics has increased its production to 15,000 cell phones per month and says it hopes to reach 45,000 within a year. The company makes a smart phone that retails for about $85 as well as a basic cell phone that goes for $35. Hipertronics CEO Henry Aguilar sa... [More]

Classes begin Monday at Ikiam Regional Amazonian University. It is the last of four national universities that President Rafael Correa says are needed to improve Ecuador’s higher education system. Ikiam is located in Napo Province, a jungle area that the government says has been neglecte... [More]

Officials from Ecuador’s Ministry of the Interior and National Police presented a new citizens’ manual last week that aims at involving local communities in the fight against crime. The “Guide for Civilian Safety, Civilian Solidarity” was introduced in the south Quito neigh... [More]

There will changes to the renovation plans for Cuenca’s San Francisco Square, the city says. The original design, developed during the administration of former Mayor Paúl Granda, had been criticized by vendors who work on the plaza and by some architects. Vendors in the central par... [More]

Ecuador says it is prepared for the recent drop in international oil prices. In his weekly television broadcast on Saturday, President Rafael Correa said the government is prepared to adjust the national budget to reflect lower income from oil sales. “We have contingency plans to deal wit... [More]

By Sara Shahriari Panama hats have made the leap from the heads of Hollywood icons and intrepid jungle explorers to the fashionable masses of Europe and the United States. Models are wearing them on catwalks and teenagers are sporting them at clubs. In 2010 and 2011, a number of fashion magaz... [More]

By Lief Simon With the U.S. stock market behaving like a ride at Coney Island this week, real estate investors have reason to feel pretty good about themselves. As I write, the Dow Jones Industrial Average sits at essentially the same value as at the beginning of this year. However, its vol... [More]

By Mark Stratton Last August, when researchers heralded the olinguito as the first new carnivore species discovered in the western hemisphere for 35 years, I imagined that seeing one would be impossible. After all, they’d eluded scientists for so long.   The nocturnal olinguito, w... [More]

The administration of Cuenca Mayor Marcelo Cabrera is pressing ahead with plans for a six-lane freeway that would encircle the city despite cost projections that have increased from $519 million to almost $720 million since it was first proposed. Cabrera and his staff are looking for funding wh... [More]

By Michael Fumento Step aside, EU! China is set to become Latin America’s second-largest trading partner in two years. And 13 years later it will be king of the hill according to the journal China Policy Review. Yes, having locked up Asia and Africa, the ever-hungry Chinese dragon is sali... [More]

Ecuador’s Ministry of Public Health has established steps to identify and treat international travelers arriving in the country who may be infected with the Ebola virus. It says that it has set protocols at the international airports in Guayaquil and Quito similar to those at airports in Eur... [More]

By Holly Else “Academia is just like soccer…You recruit good players, you win,” José Andrade told Times Higher Education on a recent visit to London, adding that he and his colleagues are “just about to recruit the Manchester United of South America” for a ... [More]

Clean-up work from heavy weekend rains continue along Cuenca’s rivers, with more than 100 Ecuadorian soldiers and city public works employees assigned to the job. The weather cooperated on Monday and Tuesday, as predictions for more rain failed to materialize. The most severe damage oc... [More]

The taxi took a left off Las Americas at Avenida del Toril, then right on Camino a Patamarca, and we were in Parroquia Hermano Miguel just outside the city limits. It was a Thursday morning, when a large open-air mercado happens at the Camal Municipio, a field bordered by the Rio Machangara and Ca... [More]

Like other expatriates who take on a major house renovation project in their adopted country, Dorie Deal and Bob Hoerster readily admit that they didn’t know what they were getting into four years ago when they purchased a large house in Cuenca’s historic district. “I loved th... [More]

Galo Guarderas is starting off on five years of study in Spain to make himself an expert in photovoltaics, a vital field for a world tapping into solar energy. The price tag for the studies is more than $150,000. But the 47-year-old professor of electrical engineering won’t owe a cent for... [More]

Following Cuenca’s lead, Quito Mayor Mauricio Rodas has asked Catholic University to undertake a technical study to determine new taxi fares. The University of Cuenca conducted a similar study that established new fares in Cuenca. Rodas has met on several occasions with taxi drivers who a... [More]

Some legislators in Ecuador's National Assembly, including members of President’s Rafael Correa’s Alianza Pais party, are complaining that the country agreed to a bad deal in recent trade negotiations with the European Union. The complaints intensified this week with the reve... [More]

Cuenca tourism officials say they expect 50,000 tourists to visit the city over the three-day Guayaquil independence holiday weekend. They say that all public museums and historic attractions will be open. The Cuenca Hotel Association says that that most hotels are fully booked and they expect ... [More]

In a significant political shift, Cuenca Mayor Marcelo Cabrera announced on Tuesday that he supports President Rafael Correa. The announcement came in the form of a document the mayor handed Correa at a meeting of 500 local government leaders in Cuenca's Pumapungo auditorium. The announceme... [More]

By Alan Gomez As news of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision Monday to allow gay marriages to proceed in up to 30 states filtered down to Latin America this week, Danilo Perez reacted with a question: What took so long? "You're telling me that we've been more progressive and l... [More]

According to a new poll, Ecuadorians overwhelming say they want a chance to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow President Rafael Correa to seek another term in office. The amendment is one of 17 being considered by the country’s constitutional court. In addition t... [More]

In sting operation known as “Operation Pacific,” 13 Ecuadorans, along with drug ringleader Celso Moroso were arrested Monday morning by Colombian police in the border town of Pasto. Those arrested are accused of coordinating drug shipments to Mexico, the United States, and Europe. Ecua... [More]