President Rafael Correa repeated on Tuesday his criticism of Ecuador’s decision to use the U.S. dollar as its currency. His comments come as oil prices, which are based on the dollar, are approaching five year lows. Correa said that if Ecuador had its own currency or was using a regional ... [More]

By Andrew Ross At the point where the lazy, blackwater Cuyabeno runs into the faster currents of the Aguarico, carrying a chill from their Andean source, sandbars stretch out from the verdant banks. These are the Playas de Cuyabeno, and the name has attached itself to the indigenous Cofan commu... [More]

Ecuador’s Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) said Wednesday that its campaign 'Give Dignity' has been reduced street begging in Ecuador by 80% since 2008. According to Cecilia Tamayo, MIES deputy director, the campaign has focused on child begging, which was ... [More]

By Frances Robles The Obama administration overturned a ban preventing a wealthy, politically connected Ecuadorean woman from entering the United States after her family gave tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic campaigns, according to finance records and government officials. The woma... [More]

According to several constructions workers at the Coca Codo Sinclair hydro-electric plant east of Quito, employees have been warned by project managers not to discuss last weekend’s deadly cave-in on the site with the media. The 1,500 megawatt plant is scheduled to become operational in earl... [More]

By Kate Kilpatrick Latin America’s top officials appeared unanimous in their celebration Wednesday of a new chapter in United States-Cuba relations, which will witness the renewal of diplomatic ties and the easing of sanctions that have helped raze the Cuban economy. Latin Am... [More]

Local tourism agencies are proposing a new city ordinance to stop what they say is the rapid spread of illegal tourist services in Cuenca. The Azuay Chamber of Tourism and Cuenca Tourism Foundaton with assistance from hotel and restaurant owners, tour and transport services, say the ordinance ... [More]

By Sylvan Hardy He preaches, he cajoles, he pleads. He laughs, he cries. Sometimes, he dances and sings. Almost always, the audience applauds. Or, laughs, cries, sings and dances with him. Two weeks ago, President Rafael Correa marked his 400th weekly town meeting in the rural village of G... [More]

By Jane Gerster On the banks of the Aguarico River, where the only respite from stifling humidity and the blazing sun is a dip in the contaminated water, Eduardo Silvio Chapal’s grandchildren splash, oblivious to the decades-long battle over who is responsible for cleaning up their jungle... [More]

Cuenca municipal police and national transit police continue to chalk up arrests for drinking in public and driving under the influence. Since the new city ordinance outlawing drinking in public places went into effect three weeks ago, municipal police report making more than 70 arrests. This i... [More]

By Richard W. Soudriette 
and Cynthia Gilley For many, the American Dream includes retiring to a warmer climate. But after a steep drop in the stock market in 2008, many older Americans were forced to rethink and postpone retirement plans. Some retirees decided that the only affordable way... [More]

Following up on warnings that Ecuador will need to reduce its national budget, the administration of President Rafael Correa has ordered government ministries to prepare for tough times. The administration says the cuts will amount to $1.5 billion. It also said it plans to sell $1.7 billion in ... [More]

A week after Costa Rica celebrated the 66th anniversary of the abolition of its armed forces, President Luis Guillermo Solís criticized growing arms spending in Latin America during a speech at the Ibero-American Summit in Veracruz, Mexico, on Sunday. In his remarks Solís noted a &ld... [More]

The city transportation office has opened an information kiosk in Civic Plaza, adjacent to the Nueve de Octubre market. According to Gerard Fernandez, Cuenca transportation chief, the kiosk is intended to inform the public about details of the tram, including its route, station locations, techn... [More]

By Eduardo Porter Eco-warriors on the front lines of climate diplomacy often frame the environmental conflict between the developed and the developing world as a version of the notorious skirmish between Lawrence H. Summers and José Lutzenberger, which happened on the sidelines of the Ea... [More]

The director of Ecuador’s Internal Revenue Service (SRI), Ximena Amorosos says that amendments to the Production Incentives and Tax Fraud Prevention law will save the country $200 million a year. According to Amorosos, the savings will come primarily from ending tax exemptions for busine... [More]

Women’s groups in Latin America are fighting back against the catcalls and other forms of sexual harassment that they are forced to deal with on a daily basis. Their weapon? a series of videos. Natalia Málaga, a former volleyball player who now coaches the Peruvian national women&... [More]

According to an organization that represents more than 100 driving schools in Ecuador, amendments to the national traffic law passed by the National Assembly and awaiting approval by President Rafael Correa, could affect the livelihoods of 40,000 employees and their families. Gorky Obando, who ... [More]

Ecuador tax authorities say they are clamping down on money intended for commercial projects within Ecuador being deposited in foreign banks. Last week the country’s internal revenue agency, SRI, said it is looking into money for two projects near Quito being deposited in Caribbean banks.... [More]

While Latin America maintains its position as the world’s most murderous region, the number of murders in Ecuador is dropping sharply. As of July 2014, Ecuador showed an annual murder rate of nine per 100,000 population, the first time Ecuador has been in single digits in the category. Th... [More]

Crude’s slump to five-year lows means OPEC member Ecuador is facing the choice of spending cuts that risk crimping growth or taking on more debt to finance outlays, Jefferies LLC said. President Rafael Correa, who predicts that oil prices will rebound by mid-2015, has warned the countr... [More]

Cuenca’s famous neighborhood Christmas parades started filling city streets this week, particularly in the historic district. The small parades, featuring floats and elaborately costumed children, many of them riding horses festooned with fruit, candy, liquor bottles and dead animals, wil... [More]

Although Latin America as a whole is posting its worse economic growth in five years, Ecuador continues to rank near the top. The year marks the region’s slowest economic growth since 2009, when the global financial crisis hammered economies around the world.   Latin America’s a... [More]

As the first of eight new hydroelectric plants began operations last week north of Quito, the country’s plan to convert energy use away from LP gas and to electricity appears to further behind schedule than ever. On Wednesday, Ecuador’s Electricity Minister, Esteban Albornoz, gave t... [More]

By Mark Johnson I’ve met quite a few single expat men and women who have packed up life in the UK and headed overseas to search of a new life and who are desperately seeking new love. In many cases there’s a happy ending. A man or woman, perhaps jaded by the career ladder, or hav... [More]