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Cameron Kayce, massage therapist is back in town

For the next month, until Feb. 10th, Cameron will be working in the office of Dr. Rob Annis, at Cuenca Chiropractic, in the ground floor suite of the Amazonas Building on Los Pinos.(on the same block as Joe’s Secret Garden).

Cameron is offering Deep Tissue Massage

30 min / $15… You can choose back, hips, neck and shoulders, or legs and feet
60 min/$30… For a full body massage or
90 min /$40… For an even fuller massage.

By appointment only. Email or call for an appointment now.
Call after 9 AM

Name: Cameron Kayce
Phone: 099 987 4417

Offering services: interpreter/translator

Hello, I’ve just moved to Cuenca and I am looking for a job translating or interpreting. I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and an Associate’s degree in Community Spanish Interpreting. I would love to interpret in a medical environment, but I am open to anything. I hope to become a medical interpreter in the US so I’m here trying to soak up the language and culture. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Kristie

Professional Spanish lessons

Hi, Native Spanish speaker with 10 years’ of experience teaching Spanish as a second language. You can take short Lessons or a complete program from 1 month to six months, my system is practical, visual, phonetic and grammar and with the introduction of a lot of general and specific vocabulary.

I speak fluent English so we are not going to have any problem if you are a beginner. Please contact me for more information.

Short lessons : $20 per hour.
Full courses: $250 per month. Includes coffee break and learning material.

Name: Ricardo de la Cadena
Phone: 098 959 5694

Artist studio, class, event and exhibition

Space available. Are you looking for a great space to hold a class, event or exhibition? Have you always wanted to have your own creative studio space? Join us at Four Rivers Center for the Creative Arts.

An affordable individual private studio space is available to rent for painters, writers, poets, jewelry makers, weavers, photographers, creative artists and healers of all kinds. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist and would like to become one or have a healing practice, you are welcome.

The space provides hardwood floors throughout, rooms filled with natural light, and a rooftop with great city views. It’s a tranquil, convivial, imaginative, supportive and inspiring environment. A large common area is perfect for classes, workshops and events in art, drama, movement, writing, yoga, Pilates, meditation, music, and more.

Conveniently located in historic el Centro close to San Sebas Plaza, the neighborhood has a lovely walking ambience, a variety of restaurants, the modern art museum, nearby bus routes and parking accommodations. Four Rivers Center for the Creative Arts is a perfect space for creative work, and it provides you with the opportunity to embody the vision of transformation, collaboration and community here in Cuenca.

For more information with pictures and to make an appointment, please contact,

Name: Cara Venn

The invisibility of Self

Event date: Jan. Tuesday 26

When we look with the “I”, we dream. When we look for the “I”, we awaken.

Our monthly group offers an opportunity for Self-reflection, Self-realization and the evolution of consciousness. We take part in meditation and contemplation experiences, listen to short audio-clips or read from some, to just name a few, of our favorite sages and teachers: Ramana Maharshi, Ani Tenzin Palmo, Eckhart Tolle, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Robert Wolfe, Pema Chodron, Mooji, Krishnamurti, and Rupert Spira. And follow with a lively, open discussion from issues raised in these meaningful “words of wisdom” and our direct experience.

This month, with a variety of practical experiential exercises, we will explore knowing, owning and abiding in who we truly are….pure Self.

Be with us.

Four Rivers Center for the Creative Arts in the San Sebas area. Look for the grey and orange building with the painter’s palette on the door.

Tuesday, January 26, from 5 to 7 PM, $5. Refreshments served, 13-12 Sucre at Juan Montalvo.

Name: Cara Venn

English speaking driver

English speaking driver, pleased to take you to other towns, do any kind of errands, pick up and drop off at the airport at any time, help with any kind of matter that you could have and taxi services
Call after 7 AM

Name: Nestor Reinoso
Phone: 096 742 1444

Ecuador History & Culture Class

Event date: Jan. Monday 04

Martha Mays teaches this twelve-hour class which covers over 10,000 years of history. Follow the transformation of Ecuador from the coastal Valdivians of 5,000BC, the influential INCAS’ and Spanish’ occupations and 43 presidents leading to today’s modern and progressive country. This class also includes information on the new Ecuador Citizenship test. Class meets midday M, W, F for two weeks starting January 4th. Cost is $60.

Name: Martha Mays
Phone: 098-1160-877


Coffee shop and restaurant located in the historic center of Cuenca that provides a relaxed and peaceful environment to enjoy with your friends. We offer different types of coffee drinks, cold drinks, beer, sandwiches, empanadas, baked goods, breakfast and lunch.


Quito Airport Suites

Just minutes from the doors of the new (UIO) Quito airport with 24 hour airport transfers and reception. Rest between flights while assisted by our English-speaking night staff, surf the high-speed WIFI or your English-cable TV. Savour the hot shower, or endulge in our authentic dinner and breakfast menus. Or simply print your tickets free and grab your coffee and breakfast to go. Just a block from the main town square in Tababela with the police and places to eat.


Guayaquil Airport Suites

Full suites with kitchen and ool, elevator, 24 hr staff, 24 hr transport to and from airport, conference center, and 3 minutes to the airport and across the walking bridge to the food court at the Mall del Sol. There is private parking too. Its $49 a night to start for one or two people plus a $10 cleaning fee… has a dedicated WIFI signal (not sharing like in a hotel), magic jack for free calls to US/Canada, full kitchen with fridge, good powerful hot water (no electric showerheads) and good central AC (no noisy units).


Cuenca Dental Tourism and the Cuenca Dental Group

Dr. Alan Woods, Dr. Juan Carlos Orellana, and Dr. Francisco Heredia are pleased to announce the formation of the Cuenca Dental Group for the purpose of providing dental tourism services. We offer a full range of dental services including specialist care in endodontics, oral surgery, implants, and laser assisted periodontal treatment. As we have discussed the concept, we thought of the many expats living in Cuenca who are disappointed that more friends and family have not come to visit this fascinating country. Dental tourism offers one more reason to visit our lovely city. In the US a three unit bridge can cost around $4500. Here the cost is about $1000. An implant with the abutment and crown can cost $5000 in the states, but can be done here for $1500. A root canal that might be more than $1000 in the US may be around $250 here. We use only the best FDA materials and the most modern techniques. So if you have a friend or family member who needs a little dental work, you can use this as one more excellent reason when you invite them for a visit. You may want to view our new website at or visit us at Cuenca Dental Tourism on Facebook. Dr. Woods makes the initial appointments for the group at 07 288 5393 or via cell at 097 924 6002.

Name: Dr Alan Woods
Phone: 0979246002


It is said that over 85% of people in north America are magnesium deficient. If you have done your homework of course you know that the very best way for the body to asimilate
magnesium is transdermal, and the best form is magnesium oil. (aceite de magnesio) Oral forms are Magnesium tourate,
Magnesium citrate, and of course the poorest form would be magnesium sulfate (epson salts) Ok in a bath water soak.
I am not a doctor,however after some years of research I have learned that over 300 bodily functions are related to magnesium levels in the body. I have friends and family members that have said that after only a few days of use
their wellbeing was elevated. Usage is best in a spray bottle after a shower. Total skin area. It will soak in. Give it time.
I have a few bottles left for sale. They are 650 Grams or appox 23 oz. Spray bottles. Probably last 1 person for 8 months to a year?? $17 per bottle.

Jack Lovett

Name: Jack Lovett
Phone: 5417874026

Soft Tub/Spa for sale

300 gallon portable soft tub with seat, 5 jet stations, lights. In great shape, 6.5 feet in diameter. $300.00.

Name: Harry Hunter
Phone: 0998844870

Shamuico Espai Gastronòmic

This is one of the best restaurants I have enjoyed in Ecuador and is all the more interesting because it is located in Saraguro. My husband and I found it entirely worthy of our 30th anniversary dinner and feasted on a wonderful veal filet and pork curry, along with a divine blackberry mousse and gourmet salads. We ate there three times in two days! Samuel Ortega, who was born in Saraguro, went to Spain as a 13 year old when economic times were tough, with his parents and 4 siblings. He entered gastronomy training as a 15 year old, and went on to work in Spain, France, Portugal and Mexico at highly rated restaurants. His two older sisters went on to become a doctor and an architect; his younger sister is a professional wine-taster. The family came back to Saraguro and he opened Shamuico Espai, on the town square. The food is a wonderful blend of Spanish, Quechuan and Catalan, and he has involved many community members in growing the freshest ingredients. He also makes artesanal cheeses and serrano ham. He’s very involved in community development projects.
The restaurant is moving about half a block from its current location to a restored house on the parque central, next to the information building, sometime in September and will greatly expand its space. Currently has only 6 tables.


Mangiare Bene

I could eat here every day. Assorted Italian food, great taste, nice and rich side orders. Main dishes had a great presentation but also tasted very good and fill you up. On top of that you can afford to come back anytime. Great host.


Las Monjas

Five of us came for lunch at Las Monjas and it was some of the best food we had in Cuenca. The lunch special with pumpkin soup, pork, rice, salad, fresh juice and home made guava ice cream was amazing and very economical. The best dish was the sea bass coated in quinoa! Great service, beautiful setting on the second floor. Will have to come back and sit in the patio when the rather is warmer.




Chill & Grill




El Andaluz