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Day-Trip to Ingapirca

Event date: Apr. Sunday 30

Our guided tour to the largest Inca ruins in Ecuador starts in the morning from Cuenca. On our way there, we will visit the Santuario de la Virgen del Rocio in the quiet village of Biblián and on Sundays you will have the possibility to go to the Cañari market. In Ingapirca your guide will show you around this fascinating complex of ruins, whose stone structures surround the prominent circular sun temple. After exploring the archeological site and the surroundings to your heart’s content, you will enjoy a tasty lunch.

Name: Arutam Ecotours

Brand new apartment and suite/ residential area

Beautiful apartment with two bedrooms, each one with bathroom, kitchen, laundry area, living and dining room, parking lot. Unfurnished, $400.

The suite is elegant and includes one full bedroom, one extra bathroom, kitchen, laundry area, living and dining room, private terrace, individual parking lot. Unfurnished, $600

Monthly aliquota: $100

The building has elevator and a great location, just a few blocks from Pizza Hut (Av. Remigio Crespo)
Pets are allowed

Name: Paula Flores
Phone: 0987514769

New Spanish School, best price and lots of teaching experience

Why study Spanish at Insticuenca ? Because we are not just Spanish speaker, we are Spanish teacher, our teacher over 10 years of experience teaching Spanish to student of all ages and backgrounds from over the world. We believe in talking a student approach to teachings and tailor or course to meet students individual needs based on personality and Spanish level.
Insticuenca is culture activities and adventure, learning Spanish while experiencing new thing, like ironwork , ceramic classes , hiking . cycling, rock climbing, exploring the local market and more . All with the best prices.
We are in Liribamba 1-36 y Av 24 de Mayo – Cuenca
(Close to Parque Paraiso). Sr Teo Perez .Mail: . Telef. 0995813182 or 4096416 .

Name: Teo Perez
Phone: 0995813182 / 4096416

Andean musical instruments workshop is coming soon!

Taught by a musician and craftsman.
Cost: USD 45.
More information:

Name: Victor

Private Party Opportunities and this week’s schedule and menu

Event date: Apr. Saturday 29

Amelie’s: A French/Italian Bistro is offering a special private dining opportunity each Saturday. This week we have a group for dinner, a four-course dinner for 12, $15 per person. We can accommodate a private party of 8-12 any Saturday, afternoon or evening. Our menu has been receiving rave reviews from our chicken picatta and chicken marsala (“the best I have ever enjoyed”), our trout meuniere almondine (“easily the best trout in Cuenca”) to our Croque Monsieur classic French sandwich (“Fantastic!”) and our newly introduced eggplant parmesan (“a revelation!”). Our ambience is as special as our food, with only 3 parties per seating, each enjoying their own private dining room. Choose from our sunny, palm-filled atrium (party of 2 or 3), our small front dining room with great views of the Cajas (party of 2-4), or our grand sala with fireplace (party of 4-6). In our grand sala we entertain our private parties up to 12 for a sit-down dinner, or up to 25 for a cocktail party with buffet.
This weekend we are open for reservations for our Sunday seating only, 1-3pm. Write to us at
Thank you! Louis, Catty and Amelie

Name: louis bourgeois
Phone: 418-5383

Why instant coffee is truly king in Ecuador – blog post

Greetings from Café Ñucallacta, we are an artisan roaster, we use some of the best coffee in Ecuador! We are located on Hermano Miguel 5-62. Check out latest blog on instant coffee here in Ecuador.

Name: Ruminahui Duchicela
Phone: 0986190490

What’s for Lunch? An exquisite mixture of flavors at Ruta 72

Sunny day and a delicious lunch is waiting for you at Ruta 72. This is the perfect lunch date with friends, with yourself, with life! A delicious, unique, well-thought menu with the local flavor plus the chef’s imagination.

You will feel at home eating at this wonderful place. Nice tables to choose from: the small one in front of the old vintage movie posters or the big one in front of the tv with the nicest music you can think of.

Don’t miss this opportunity and enjoy your lunch time at Ruta 72!

Ruta 72 is located at Remigio Romero and Remigio Crespo

Follow us in Facebook for the latest news!

Name: Ruta 72

Your Photos Love You

You’ve taken so many wonderful pictures from all the incredible places you have visited. Nature, people, places, things. Each one has been framed with love and care to make a unique and perfect shot.

You take them home, copy them to your computer. With excitement, they watch as you compose the email you’re about to send to friends and family. Seconds later, as you hit the Send button, they finally experience the culmination of the purpose of their existence.

But then it’s over.

After the initial glory fades, they begin to worry. A week passes, and their folder hasn’t even been opened. They look at one another nervously. Some start to cry. And then the dark realization begins to set in that they may never again be shared with the world.

Your photographs, like all great art, aren’t meant to be shared once and then relegated to the dustbin of the attic–or the harddrive. They’re meant to be shared with the world. Not once, not twice–but forever.

They need a home. A home where anybody can come, visit, and bask in their glory. A home where they can be appreciated for the works of art that they are.

A homepage, if you will.

So, a website. But just any website?

There are sites that allow people to upload their images to share with the world. Some even do it for free. But they’re missing something. Something personal. Something important.

They’re missing identity.

Your photographs are yours, and they are special. They are not orphans to be left struggling to stay afloat in a sea of other pictures, each one fighting for its chance at survival. Surrounded by not only other photographs, but all kinds of pictures. Bad drawings. Memes. Movie screen captures with poorly-done Microsoft Paint annotations.

Is that the kind of company you want your photos to be keeping?

Your photographs’ website should be their home. A place of safety, of security, of love. A place where you know where they’ll be, and who they’ll be with. A place where they belong.

GoBig Web Design is ready and willing to build your photographs’ their dream home. Showcase your work with multiple presentation styles including slideshows, portfolios, galleries, and collages. After you’re through, your photographs will be one hundred percent satisfied. Always remember your photographs love you.

Make sure they know you love them, too.

Name: GoBig Web Design & Development
Phone: 098 7438 577

Latin Pop and Rock Evening at Charlie´s Bar and Grill

Event date: Apr. Friday 28

Hey everybody…how you guys and gals doing today? D´Roxas here, to invite all of you to come on down to Charlie’s Bar and Grill ( Paseo Tres de Noviembre y Escalinata Juana de Oro), this Friday April the 28 th, and share with me a night of the best Pop and Rock Classics de la Lengua Española. Its going to be a lot of fun. I ve been getting a lot of responses and request on Facebook for this event. There will be a 2 DOLLAR COVER….YUP…YA HEARD ME RIGHT…TWO the excellent service from Charlie and all his staff, great Promos, food, drinks and stuff !! So come on down this Friday and lets rock the night away..Latin Style… See you there everybody. Hope all of you are having a fantastic week. Rock on!!

Name: Pedro D´Roxas
Phone: 0967281930

Discover Arabica Coffee and its Magical Aroma

Aromatic coffee type arabic that contains several spices, such as cardamom and cinnamon, among other finely grounded spices.
Have a great experience try the best coffe is free
Hermano Miguel 5-41 y Honorato Vazquez
from 9:30 AM to 2 PM / 3 PM to 6 PM

Name: Khatu Organic
Phone: 0989811522

The Cuenca Dispatch Expands to Paucarbamba Neighborhood

The Cuenca Dispatch continues to add new locations every day! Last week we added Supermaxi on Las Americas. It’s the site of our first newspaper rack!

And today, we now have 10 new locations in the Paucarbamba neighborhood! They are:

1. Los Arrecifes Restaurant : Miguel Cordero y Francisco Moscoso
2. Moliendo Aroma: Paucarbamba 2-72 y Manuel J. Calle
3. P&T Travel: Miguel Cordero 1-104 y Paucarbamba
4. Gout: Paucarbamba 1-160 y Manuel J. Calle
5. Azucar Moreno: Paucarbamba 4-114
6. La Marisqueria de Pedro: Luis Moreno Mora 1-69 y Paucarbamba
7. Red Crab Restaurant: Luis Moreno Mora 3-63 y Francisco Moscoso
8. El Nopal Restaurant: Luis Moreno Mora 1-69 y Francisco Sonos
9. Ruta 66: Paucarbamba 2-72 y Miguel Cordero
10. Roll Dot: Roberto Crespo 2-17 y Alfonso Cordero

So go pick up a copy today and get your coupons for FREE Spring Rolls, FREE Ice Cream, FREE Wine and other great discounts!
The Cuenca Dispatch can also be found in most of the hotels in El Centro and over 60 restaurants throughout town.

Name: Michael
Phone: 0982759584

Closing Our Door but Not the Store!!!

A promise made is a promise kept. Thanks to all of you who supported both the Go Fund Me Campaign and Carolina Smokehouse. Felix Salinas is taking over the Carolina Smokehouse as was promised to him. The time is right. He has the skills, equipment, and everything he needs to make Carolina Smokehouse his and hi family’s business. However, the tienda on Parque San Sebas (Coronel Talbot 8-26) is closing. Felix is relocating the business and we must clear out the tienda. Come and enjoy special prices on merchandise, supplies, and some equipment. Now is the time to stock up while Felix is getting his own operation up and running; so he can continue to provide you with Carolina Smokehouse signature bacon. The sale starts promptly at 10:00 am on Thursday and will continue all weekend. Great prices – and example: The sausage you love — only $5.00 per pound. Savings everywhere on everything. Come and stock up NOW!

Name: Sandra Kraft
Phone: 0979070470

Customs form for returning to EC

I have recently obtained a retirement visa and I am returning to EC as a new resident. I was told I need a form from the Ecuadorian Aduana filled out and then approved by the Consulate here in the US prior to my return. Does anyone know where I can obtain this form the Consulate here is not mach help to me.
Any help would be appreciated!

Looking forward to your response


Name: Ray Patton
Phone: 9498006050

Devil’s Nose & Ingapirca

Event date: Apr. Friday 28

Come with us on a scenic railroad ride through the beautiful Andes mountains and valleys! We start at 7 am from our office, and head to the town of Alausi where you will board the train. On the train all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the spectacular views and the smooth and relaxing ride. The narration on the trip is in both Spanish and English. At a stop in Sibambe you will be able to watch some traditional dancing. Back in Alausi we will have lunch and afterwards start our way back to Cuenca taking a detour to visit the archaeological complex of Ingapirca, the best preserved and most important Inca site in Ecuador. The return to Cuenca will be in the early evening.

Name: Arutam Ecotours

Greek Night at El Salón: now with home delivery too!

Event date: Apr. Saturday 29

This Saturday El Salón presents a night of typical Greek food with a menu consisting of three tasty dishes at only $9,50 per person.

It’s also available for delivery within Cuenca for just $2 delivery fee.

The menu:

A warming oven-baked dish of layers of minced meat, eggplant and tomato in a Bechamel sauce. Simply delicious!

A pita bread wrap filled with succulent pieces of char-grilled chicken, tomato salsa and topped with a yoghurt and cucumber tzatziki sauce.

Light and crunchy spinach and feta cheese parcels wrapped with filo pastry. These were so popular last time that some diners asked for seconds!

Accompany your meal with a jug of homemade sangria for just $10 and get a real Mediterranean vibe!

Bookings are highly recommended. To book, please call/WhatsApp us on 099-316-5176, email or send us a private Facebook message. For delivery, please use the same methods to book.

Tables are available from 5pm onwards, last bookings at 9pm.

Name: Xavier
Phone: 0993165176

Fish & Chip Fridays at El Salón

Event date: Apr. Friday 28

Try our famous fish & chips this Friday at El Salón, eat-in or with home delivery between 12 noon and 9pm.

Our beer-battered fish with hand-cut fries, mayo and ketchup on the side costs $6 (+IVA). Delivery is $2 per order within Cuenca.

Special of the week: Try our homemade apple crumble for $3,50 – also available to deliver!

To book a table or an order, call or WhatsApp us on 099-316-5176 or email

Name: Xavier
Phone: 0993165176

Furniture For Sale

Samsung 43-inch-diagonal plasma television and TV stand. Perfect condition. $425 for the television and $65 for stand.

Queen bed with 2 nightstands. Includes the full frame, Chaide mattress, and 2 matching nightstands for $400.
Dimensions as follows:
Nightstands (2) – each measures 53cm L X 41cm W X 43cm H.
Queen mattress – measures 200cm L X 160cm W X 22cm D.
Headboard – 209cm W X 109cm H.
Footboard – 71cm W X 45cm H
Entire bed frame, assembled – 209cm L X 209cm W.
Contact us for photos or location. Come view in-person at 3pm Wednesday.

Name: David Billings

Various Household Items

Net 10/Trac Fone. Have a pre-paid phone ready to use when you step off the plane in the USA. No monthly contract. Simply pre-order minutes at This phone cannot be “unlocked” and therefore can only be used in within the USA. $10.

Adjustable Aluminum Crutches – Free to anyone who will ‘pay-it-forward’ when no longer needed.

Barska binoculars, 10X50WA, Like new. Comes with original carrying case. $25.

Cart-on-wheels with 4 shelves,.Convenient movable storage. Blue. Measures 30cm W X 47cm L X 88cm H. $30.

Colombian tablecloth, stripes of bright-colors, mainly blue, size 2m X 1.24m, $8.

IZOD cargo shorts, men’s size 34, cream colored, $5.

Garnier Nutrisse hair coloring kits, equivalent of 11 kits, but there is only one box. All are color #82. These hair coloring kits sell for $7 each in the states, but this one-year-supply of hair color can be yours for just $11.

Gloria Vanderbilt gray-colored denim pants with a touch of bling on rear pockets, women’s size 8, $8.

Halogen 20W T2.5 bulbs. Hard to find in Ecuador, but here are two (imported) for $4.

Hanging Coat Storage(up to 10 Coats). Also, one hanging suit bag, brand new and still in original packaging. Both for $6.

Name: David Billings

Pilates “Strong to the Core” classes

Pilates “Strong to the Core” classes
Next session May 1 – 31 at SkyFit on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 10 am. $70/month.

This class combines the best of Pilates exercises which utilize all of the body’s muscles and stabilizers with focus on core and balance. The result is a strong, toned, flexible body with improved posture. For this total body workout we will use exercise balls, bands, weights and mat exercises. Every class is different to challenge the whole body.

Instructor Sky Rajewski M.Sc., Kinesiology is certified in all aspects of Pilates including the Pilates reformer and Pilates Chair. Sky has a degree in sports medicine and is certified in every facet of fitness, personal training, functional training, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Sky is a trainer of trainers and has certified over 300 fitness instructors and personal trainers, over the past 35 years. In addition to writing health and fitness articles, Sky has also written two books: “Safe and Effective Stretching Techniques”, and “Strong to the Core”, and several teaching manuals.

Registration & information contact Sky at
SkyFit Integrated Fitness & Health Center, Sucre 7 – 70 y Luis Cordero

Name: Sky Rajewski
Phone: 0998660379

Fit For Life – Functional Fitness over 50

Fit for Life at SkyFit, next session May1 – 31. Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11 AM. $60 for the month.

This highly successful and motivating program has been running for 5 years. Join Sky for a fun workout that will improve your balance, endurance, joint stability, core strength, overall strength and flexibility. Every class is different utilizing bands, weights, circuit training, cardio, etc.

Instructor, Sky Rajewski, has a degree in sports medicine and is certified in every facet of fitness, Personal Training, functional training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, Pilates, TRX & RIP training systems, strength & flexibility, 3rd age, Spinning, Step, etc. Sky is a trainer of trainers and has certified over 300 fitness instructors and personal trainers, over the past 36 years. In addition to writing health and fitness articles, Sky has also written two books: Safe and Effective Stretching Techniques, and Strong to the Core, and several teaching manuals.

SkyFit “Strong to the Core” Integrated Fitness & Health Center – Sucre 7 – 70 y Luis Cordero

Registration and information contact Sky Rajewski:

Name: Sky Rajewski
Phone: 0998660379