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A California native who spent most of his life in north Florida, David Morrill has been a newspaper and magazine editor, columnist, and book and art reviewer. He was also a public relations agency owner and university administrator. He has lived in Cuenca since 2004.

Of coyotes, desert treks, singing for money, and pursuing the American dream: A Cuencano’s journey to the U.S. and his return home

By David Morrill |

By David Morrill Diego Plasencia’s American dream had crashed and burned long before he sat down on a New York sidewalk with his guitar on a summer morning in 1998. He admits that he wasn’t  … Read more

Transferring your Ecuadorian residency visa to a new passport

By David Morrill |

By David Morrill When I got my new U.S. passport in December, it also meant I needed a new Ecuadorian residency passport visa stamp. How hard can this be, I wondered, since I’d already been  … Read more

The tequila maker: Artisanal distiller Angel Salvador produces a world-class product in a desert valley south of Cuenca

By David Morrill |

By David Morrill Angel Salvador Ortega stowed away on a banana boat out of Puerto Bolivar in 1994 and was on his way, he hoped, to being an illegal alien in the U.S. when his  … Read more

Coopera shutdown: the arrests; all systems are normal and then they’re not; the risks; government secrecy

By David Morrill |

This is the second of a two-part series about the collapse of Cuenca financial cooperative Coopera, and the aftermath. By David Morrill Coopera’s troubles went public on June 6, when police arrested chief financial officer  … Read more

Coopera shutdown: thousands of investors, including hundreds of expats, are stunned by June arrests

By David Morrill |

This the first of a two-part series about the collapse of Cuenca financial cooperative Coopera, and its aftermath. By David Morrill In June, when the Cuenca-based cooperative Coopera was shut by federal officials, it was  … Read more

The Saraguro people of southern Ecuador maintain their independence and strong ties to their Incan ancestors

By David Morrill |

By David Morrill With the notable exception of the Otavalan craftspeople and merchants, no other indigenous Ecuadorian community has maintained its ethnic identity like the Saraguros. Centered around the town of Saraguro, 75 miles south  … Read more