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Customs updates list of products travelers can bring into the country tax-free

Julian Assange fires back at Moreno

U.S. expects better relations with Ecuador, according to Asst. Secretary of State

In traditional ceremony, Moreno accepts the ‘baton of the mandate’ to respect the indigenous heritage and protect the land

Moreno warns Julian Assange against leaking

Once one of Latin America’s richest countries, Venezuela is today in shambles

EU trade deal, elimination of import surcharge, mean bigger variety and lower prices in Ecuadorian stores

Odebrecht proves to be the largest Latin American corruption network ever

Moreno strikes tone of humility and inclusiveness in inaugural address; he also outlines his economic policies

Miércoles, 24/5/2017: Quickie divorces, IVA headed down, Tram consortium closes shop, Correa gives town to Azuay Province

Correa diagnosed with pneumonia

New tranvía focus is on avoiding accidents and responding to them when they occur