Angel Panchez (speaks English)
     Tourist services, city tours and tours throughout Ecuador.
     Help with banking, car registration and shopping.
     Phone: 08-589-9643
     Humberto Morocha (speaks English)
     Phone: 09-286-9125
     Juan Perez (speaks English)
     Cuecnca, Guayaquil, Quito, Vilcabamba and the coast
     Phone: 09-402-5712
     Willy Munoz (speaks English)
     Calle Yaguaroccha 1-95 y Cajas (Toloracocha)
     Can drive 1 to 12 people around Cuenca and surrounding area.
     Also goes to Guayaquil and the coast
     Phone: 286-1430
     Cell: 08-403-3938
     Paisa Radio Taxi
     Phone: 7286-9125 or 7280-6340 or 7286-3774
     Victor Ojeda (speaks English)
     Victor speaks English very well and can help you with just about everything.
     Cell: 08-731-3565


      Jacis Van Service
     Serving Cuenca, Guayaquil, Machala, Manta & Pasaje with private or shared
     transportation in clean, modern equipment
     Cuenca Locations: Agustin Cueva y Remigio Crespo y Av. Loja y Remigio Crespo
     Cuenca Phone: 7288-7789
     Guayaquil Location: C. Ballen 309 y P. Carbo
     Guayaquil Phone: 4252-2722 or 4252-7132
     Serving Cuenca & Guayaquil with private or shared transportation in clean,
     modern equipment
     Cuenca Location: Av. Ordonez Lazo y Guayacan en Edificio Astudillo (ground
     Cuenca Phone: 7283-2031 or 7283-9440
     Cell: 09-034-0970
     Guayaquil Location: Ave. de las Americas y entrada a Bahia Norte Esq.
     Centro de Negocios el Terminal, Bloque C, Oficina 32
     Guayaquil Phone: 4214-0837 or Cell: 09-934-1009


     Loja International
     Operating throughout Ecuador from Terminales Terrestre. 
     Photographs passengers and baggage search for security.
     Rutas Orenses
     Operating between Cuenca and Guayaquil, Machala, Pasaje, Santa Rosa and
     Photographs passengers and scan baggage for security
     Cuenca Location: Behind Terminale Terrestre near airport
     Cuenca Phone: 7286-2887
     Guayaquil Location: Terminale Terrestre Modulo 15
     Guayaquil Phone: 4214-0657
     Machala Location: Tarqui y Bolivar
     Machala Phone: 7293-7661