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About the Author

Wendy Jane Carrel

Wendy has been based in Cuenca while researching health care options in Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico for the last two and a half years. She has lived or worked on four continents in over 40 countries.

Abandoned and impoverished elders: A looming crisis in Ecuador and worldwide

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel One of the challenges of modern society is that the traditional sense of filial duty seems to be disappearing. Adult children are abandoning elderly parents more than they used to. According  … Read more

Why creating an end-of-life plan in Ecuador is a good idea for all expats

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel While conducting research on continuing care and end-of-life options for older adults in Ecuador, I have witnessed the unexpected deaths of many North American expats. Here are some of the lessons  … Read more

Checking out shaman country in Zamora-Chinchipe in southeastern Ecuador

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel I have returned from the province of Zamora-Chinchipe in the Amazon region where it is humid every day of the year. It is located in the southeastern part of Ecuador and straddles  … Read more

Whether it’s a day or overnight trip, a visit to nearby Paute provides a peaceful, subtropical break from Cuenca city life

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel Paute is a charming Ecuadorian canton located in the countryside about one hour (18 miles with stops) northeast of Cuenca. You can get there by car or with basic bus service  … Read more

Need to visit the new visa office in Azogues? Make it an adventure

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel, M.A. Now that the immigration office has transferred from Cuenca to Azogues, never fear. It’s actually easy to get there and worth the excursion, especially if you like to explore. If  … Read more

One of Cuenca’s best kept secrets, the Siervas de Maria (Servants of Mary) hospice nuns, provide the support of a loving family

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

Wendy Jane Carrel On December 2, 1826, a baby girl was born on Calle de la Flor Baja in the neighborhood of San Martin, Madrid, Spain and named Bibiana Antonia Manuela Torres Acosta. As the  … Read more

At 86 and still going strong, Sister Patricia Rodriguez is honored for her service to Cuenca’s abandoned seniors at Hogar Miguel Leon

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel I first met Sor (Sister) Patricia of the Hermanitas de la Caridad (Sisters of Charity) four years ago. I was conducting site visits of Ecuadorian assisted living homes. She was (and  … Read more

What I like about Cuenca: A visitor looks at the city 20 years ago and today, and reflects on its pleasures, conveniences and people

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel Cuenca, aside from being a UNESCO Heritage Site with beautiful colonial buildings and a unique history, offers unexpected and pleasant surprises if you’ve lived here a while. What you’ve probably read  … Read more

Cuenca palliative care training educates the public and healthcare community; first of four training sessions sponsored by FASEC

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel FASEC (Fundacion al Servicio del Enfermo de Cancer/Foundation Serving Those Ill with Cancer), together with Care Partners International of Washington state, and the University of San Francisco, Quito, hosted a palliative  … Read more

Cuenca Mayor Cabrera inaugurates new city senior center

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel Mayor Marcelo Cabrera, his wife, city dignitaries, employees, and approximately 150 seniors were present Sunday morning, April 19, as Cabrera inaugurated one of Cuenca’s special projects, the “first free public senior  … Read more

Choosing the right environments for healthful living

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel Moving to Ecuador? Already here and planning another move? Below are 12 housing recommendations with an eye to long-term health and safety no matter your age. These guidelines are not just  … Read more

Looking for a good breakfast in Cuenca? Once hard to find, today there are plenty of options and many of them are excellent

By Wendy Jane Carrel |

By Wendy Jane Carrel From Paris to Muscat, and Guadalajara to Zanzibar, I’ve enjoyed finding my first meal of the day. When I visited Cuenca 20 years ago, and then again on my return three  … Read more