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Trish LaPlaca is owner and manager of the expat service Aspire To Retire Abroad ( She provides coaching to prospective expats, information about living abroad and maintains a blog of relevant information.

Eleven reasons to be grateful for your expat paradise

By Trish LaPlaca |

Everyone hopes to find their paradise someday, right? So do you ever wonder if all those folks who moved abroad to find theirs actually got what they were looking for? I mean, really. How is  … Read more

Why say good-bye? Exploring your reasons for moving abroad

By Trish LaPlaca |

Guess what? The key to your “thriving” or “diving” overseas may just be in your motives. If you’ve been thinking about heading out to a new life overseas, you’re certainly in good company. And in  … Read more

Making the expat leap: Are you a free spirit or a Sherlock Holmes?

By Trish LaPlaca |

One of the more popular resources on the overseas life – International Living- held one of its destination conferences in Quito, Ecuador recently. That means that yet another enthusiastic group of aspiring retirees signed on  … Read more

Two gringos and a guinea pig

By Trish LaPlaca |

Yes indeed, living abroad can definitely be an adventure. After five years in Ecuador though, you’d think that my husband and I would’ve already acclimated pretty completely to the cultural differences between here and the  … Read more

Riding the expat see-saw: Cons and pros

By Trish LaPlaca |

You just know it — that new country you’ve got all picked out for your new expat life is going to be THE ONE. Heck, you’ve probably done so much research that you’re already visualizing  … Read more