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Matthew Crowder lives in Limon Indanza, Ecuador with his wife Lisbeth. He currently works in software development with the Aikenu project, an open source software initiative here in Ecuador. He is also a bat expert and has appeared on the David Letterman show and in various magazines and TV shows.

Five tips for doing business in Ecuador

By Matthew Crowder |

Before moving to Ecuador, I made an effort to read up on the political situation here. I read many articles and watched a lot of TV shows that painted the country as a dictatorship, banana  … Read more

Tales of a long-distance bus rider and his top five bus-riding annoyances

By Matthew Crowder |

Have you taken an Ecuadorian bus lately? I’m not talking the local 12 to the market in Cuenca, but an inter-provincial, long-distance bus that goes where the weather’s hot. As many things seem to go  … Read more