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About the Author

Brian Buckner

After a successful career in manufacturing, Brian Buckner sold his commercial window fabrication plant and now makes his home with his wife, Edie, in Cuenca. He is a photojournalist and writer currently producing photo essays and stories of life in Ecuador. He and his wife enjoy hiking, photography, writing and giving their time to those in need. Brian may be reached by email at

Baby needs a new foot

By Brian Buckner |

Clowns are cool; or, are they really just creepy? There are all kinds of clowns; just like any people, they each have their own look and personality. There are Circus clowns and Rodeo clowns, the  … Read more

Sharing the art: Arco iris

By Brian Buckner |

North of Cuenca, lie a few small, sparsely populated villages and hamlets. Out past there, the Andes rise quickly from the tendrils of their ghostly mist, partially shrouded by late afternoon sheets of rain. A  … Read more

Yard Dogs of Barabon

By Brian Buckner |

“I’m disgusted,” sighed Spotcito. “What up?” asked Roverito. “No more biting the gringos!” chimed in Fidoandro. “Yeah, it sucks, huh?” exclaimed Bowzerez. “I mean, what the hell! Our master beats us with a stick if  … Read more

Santo Domingo

By Brian Buckner |

The light here in Cuenca is fickle at best. Light for a photographer is the most critical element and it comes in various qualities. The atmospherics here are most often cloudy for several days running.  … Read more

Our first Thanksgiving In Cuenca

By Brian Buckner |

By Brian Buckner Today is Thanksgiving. But wait, take a look at my photograph. I know John, the boy you above. I love him. He is standing in front of his home on a steep  … Read more

La Super Luna over Cuenca

By Brian Buckner |

It was a beautiful evening last Monday night as the Supermoon — La Super Luna to Cuencanos — crested the Andes. The clouds offered the moon relentless competition which created additional interest in the sky. As the  … Read more

Cuenca Independence Day Parade

By Brian Buckner |

The air was filled with the cheers and laughter of celebration as I made my way around the city this past week. There were several parades and many interesting people in the streets of Cuenca.  … Read more

A werewolf In Cuenca, Ecuador

By Brian Buckner |

I landed on the shores of what is now Ecuador with Francisco Pizzaro and Hernando DeSoto in 1532. At that time, I was twenty-two years old and hoping to gain fame and great wealth. I  … Read more

Scuffling Footsteps, a scary poem

By Brian Buckner |

Scuffling Footsteps My feet scuff quiet, quite unnoticed, amongst the white stones, pale light ghosting. Not sun of day, nor moon of night, between perhaps, I’m filled with fright. Time elusive, not mine to count,  … Read more

Gringo encounters of the fifth kind

By Brian Buckner |

The teacher kept talking about what continent Ecuador was on and where it was on that continent. I was thinking about that green- and blue-colored frog that Miguel and I caught by the spring and  … Read more

Invasion of the city

By Brian Buckner |

By Brian Buckner The darkness of the cool room remained inviting as I rustled under the covers in the early pre-dawn hours. I knew it would be hot and steamy outside, even early, since July  … Read more

Tranvía construction on Gran Colombia

By Brian Buckner |

By Brian Buckner Don’t you hear that train a comin’, a comin’ round the bend…” Wait, wait, wait! That’s putting the caboose in front of the engine a bit now, isn’t it?! Maybe not. Regardless  … Read more

A little too much woman

By Brian Buckner |

Note: Brian Buckner is reading tonight at the Spoken Word writers’ workshop at Sunrise Cafe on Calle Larga. By Brian Buckner When I was a young fellow, at the threshold of manhood, several things were  … Read more

Diá largo: Forty afternoon winks

By Brian Buckner |

By Brian Buckner In Ecuador, the siesta is generally observed between one and three in the afternoon. However, nobody seems to really be counting. Naps, cat or otherwise, are grabbed whenever the opportunity presents itself.  … Read more